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Evictions & Drug Dealers

Rules for evictions are only slightly different in jurisdictions around the country. The United States Supreme Court, in HUD vs. Rucker, ruled firmly that meaningful steps must be taken to ablate the “terror” caused by drug dealing in housing.



A fictional property in Coventry, Gl., may seem familiar to you. Meet the members of the Quarry Family as they face intricate issues involving drug dealing and evictions.

A residential site without a clear eviction practice will be rudderless in confronting drug dealers.


The Quarry Family

Drug Dealing Operators

AT 600 Broadway, Coventry, Gl.

Main Players:

Queazy – President. 52 YRS / F. Lives in Apt. #72

Quibble—Vice-President. 36 Yrs. /M. Wholesale Purchases and Recruitment of Workers. Lives in Apt. #16

Quacker – Vice-President. 42 Yrs / M. Accounting, Deployment of Workers, Defense vs. Police, Informants, and Residents. Lives in Apt. #63

Scope of Operations:

Employees: Total of 32 (1/4th Residents & 3/4ths Non-residents)

Products: Crack cocaine and methamphetamine are for sale. Heroin can be obtained with advanced notice.

Hours of Operation: 6PM-1AM (Mon, Tues, Wed), 4PM-1AM (Thurs), 4PM-4AM, (Fri, Sat), and Closed on Sunday.

Description of Customers: All Ages, Races, and Males and Females.


What is Needed for An Eviction Case to Succeed?

Scenario One: Queazy’s 25 yrs. Daughter is arrested for selling heroin in the courtyard of 600 Broadway. She lives with Queazy. Can they be evicted?

Scenario Two: Quibble hires his nephew from out-of-state for the Holiday Season. The nephew is staying in Quibble’s apartment. The nephew is arrested in the hallway of 600 Broadway for selling methamphetamine. Can Quibble be evicted?

Scenario Three: Quacker’s four teenaged children live in Apt. #1 with Grandma Quarry who is the 78 yrs. Mother of Queazy, Quibble and Quacker. She has a 2-bedroom apartment. Quacker’s 19 yrs. Son is arrested in the apartment for selling crack cocaine. Drugs and two guns are recovered from the befroom shared by the children. Another gun is recovered from inside the refrigerator next to a carton of milk. Can Grandma Quarry be evicted?


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